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15 Best Nintendo Games of 2015





14. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Few games can inspire such passionate obsession or frustrating boredom as the Monster Hunter series, but Capcom’s latest, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS, gives newcomers the best chance to overcome the steep learning curve the games are known for, and may be considered the best in the franchise yet.

The fun Monster Hunter comes from meticulously planning for the hunt, fine-tuning your warrior’s loadout with crafted weapons, armor, and survival items, so that your equipment plays into your quarry’s weaknesses, or complements the skills of the other members of your party.  Finally setting off for battles that could last a half-hour or more feels like an accomplishment in itself, but the tension and excitement mounts as you approach your prey, hoping that preparations will pay off. If you’re the type of player who likes to dives right into action fighting giant beasts, MH4 may not be for you, but a decent tutorial teaches rookies the basics, and those with the patience and attention to detail the game requires will be treated to a host of fantastically-designed gargantuans, each with unique patterns and powers, presenting a string of some of the best boss battles around.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a great entry point to a series that can be difficult to penetrate, with colorful, appealing visuals in a world filled with wondrous variety that complement the thrill of the hunt. If you’ve never played one before, this is the place to start. (Patrick Murphy)

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