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15 Best Nintendo Games of 2015




Adventures of Pip Soundtrack

7. Adventures of Pip

The retro side-scrolling platforming theme is becoming a mainstream look for some indie developers, but Tic Toc Games manages to create something that is both familiar and unique with Adventures of Pip. It’s part saving a princess like Super Mario, part wall jumping from Ninja Gaiden, and sprinkle in every other platforming formula we’ve seen. Adventures of Pip breaks out of the mold, however, by providing a unique mechanic to the main protagonist Pip. As you begin the game you start as a one-pixel character and slowly progress to 16-bit and then 32-bit. You are able to switch in and out of the various forms, required to progress through levels by solving puzzle-platforming elements. Matched with a great retro-themed soundtrack, Adventures of Pip pays homage to great platformers of the past, and at the same time manages to pioneer new ways to play the genre. (Aaron Santos)

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