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15 Best Nintendo Games of 2015




never-alone-centerpiece11. Never Alone

Developed in partnership with the Alaska Native community, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that explores the harsh and dynamic world of Alaska Native folklore. Using gaming as a medium to tell a beautiful story, Never Alone is faithfully based on the legends of the Iñupiat people and tells the tale of a young girl from a small village, and how unceasing blizzards threaten the survival of her native tribe. She sets out to find the source of this blizzard and along the way meets a mysterious white wolf who helps her through the game’s unfolding hazards. The game was developed by Upper One Games a 12-member development team in Seattle in conjunction with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, a non-profit organization, making it the first indigenous-owned video game developer and publisher in US history. Played out over eight chapters, the central quest not only features Iñupiat figures and animals but also weaves in other vital elements of the mythology and even features a series of short educational documentaries that are scattered between chapters that players can choose to watch or ignore. Never Alone can be played either alone or with a partner. Played solo, the game is slightly more challenging since a single player controls both Nuna and the Arctic Fox, switching between the two to solve platforming puzzles. That said, the gameplay is extremely simple and checkpoints are doled out generously so playing by yourself is actually recommended. Apart from the compelling story, the game really gets by on its visuals. The art is gorgeous, to say the least, and perhaps the best-looking indie game in years (Ricky)

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