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15 Best Nintendo Games of 2015





6. FAST Racing NEO

It’s hard not play developer Shin’en’s FAST Racing NEO and not think of another futuristic sci-fi Nintendo racer, but all spiritual successor talk aside, this is the game that fans of F-Zero have been waiting for on a Nintendo console for quite some time. Living up to the title, the game is insanely fast and runs silky smooth, but none of that would matter if it didn’t also control well, allowing the player to pull off what seem like physically impossible turns and drifts with great precision. And you’re going to need that because FAST Racing NEO‘s 16 tracks present quite a challenge.

From waterfalls, bursts of flame, and giant mechanized spider monsters that rudely walk across the track while people are trying to race, to red and blue electric strips that reward with a speed boost or punish with place-dropping lag, as well as some frustrating rubber-banding, NEO isn’t for casuals. Those who take the time to hone their skills with the satisfying mechanics will be rewarded, though, unlocking new cups, track and vehicles as they move up the ranks.

In the meantime, simply enjoying the rush of the absolutely gorgeous worlds zooming by is thrill enough in itself, reminding us why we loved Captain Falcon in the first place. The visuals are on par with any AAA title, truly an impressive feat for this indie downloadable, and with online racing and local multiplayer, FAST Racing NEO packs quite a punch, adding yet another great exclusive to the Wii U’s digital library. (Patrick Murphy)

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