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15 Best Nintendo Games of 2015




dont starve

12. Don’t Starve

Originally released on Steam April 23, 2013, Don’t Starve made its debut on the WiiU on May 28 two years later. Asides from making use of the gamepad, Don’t Starve delivered its same open-world survival gameplay that made it so popular on PC. You play as a scientist named Wilson, trapped in a dark barren world filled with mysterious creatures. Your sole objective is to survive the hostile environment and ultimately not starve. Featuring day and night cycles, you spend the day collecting valuable resources and upgrading your camp site, while at night you will be confined to whatever light source is available to you and must try to make it through with hidden creatures and monsters lurking in the shadows. Apart from its standard mode of play, Don’t Starve also includes its previous released DLC content, giving you additional characters to play as, and includes new modes and features with unique changes to the gameplay. Don’t Starve is one of the great indie additions on the WiiU this year, with great visuals, almost Tim Burton-esque, and a storybook-themed soundtrack to match. (Aaron Santos)

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