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Soulmask Release Date Moved Up, Ready for Early Access



Soulmask Release Date Moved Up, Ready for Early Access

The release date for the much-anticipated survival game Soulmask has been moved up, with the game now set to launch on May 31, 2024. Originally scheduled for mid-June, this early release is a result of the game’s positive reception at Steam Next Fest. Publisher Qooland Games is eager to get the game into the hands of its enthusiastic community sooner than planned.

Soulmask aims to establish itself as a major contender in the survival game genre, competing with popular titles like Rust and Ark Survival Ascended. The game features a massive 64-square-kilometer map, dwarfing many of its competitors. Players can explore seven distinct biomes, each offering unique challenges and resources.

Soulmask Release Date Moved Up, Ready for Early Access

One of the standout features of Soulmask is its extensive gameplay elements. Players can master eight weapon classes and 75 battle skills, discover five different mounts, and face off against six formidable bosses. Additionally, the game boasts 300 construction components and nearly 400 ancient relics to collect, promising hundreds of hours of engaging gameplay.

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Qooland Games has also introduced innovative mechanics to streamline the survival experience. Players can recruit NPCs to handle routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more exciting activities. The unique mask system, featuring ten powerful artifacts, further enhances gameplay by granting extraordinary abilities.

The community’s enthusiasm has driven the decision to launch Soulmask in Early Access. As Qooland Games’ Director of Publishing, Mathew Jiao, stated, the team is excited to continue developing the game alongside its players. Fans can add Soulmask to their Steam wishlist to receive notifications about its release and updates.