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Activision and Meta Face Lawsuit Over Uvalde Shooting



Activision and Meta Face Lawsuit Over Uvalde Shooting

On the second anniversary of the tragic Uvalde school shooting, two lawsuits have been filed against Activision Blizzard, Meta, and weapons manufacturer Daniel Defense. The families of the victims claim that the companies played a role in the incident, which left 22 dead and 21 injured.

The families’ lawyer, Josh Koskoff, argues that there is a direct connection between the companies’ actions and the shooting. He alleges that Activision and Meta collaborated with the gun industry to influence young, impressionable individuals. Koskoff stated, “The gun industry and Daniel Defense couldn’t have reached this kid but for Instagram. They couldn’t expose him to the dopamine loop of virtually killing a person. That’s what Call of Duty does.”

Meta faces allegations of promoting harmful activities on its platforms. Most of the lawsuit’s focus, however, is on Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty, and Daniel Defense, which manufactured the weapon used in the shooting.

Activision and Meta Face Lawsuit Over Uvalde Shooting

Activision Blizzard responded to the lawsuit by expressing sympathy for the victims. They emphasized that millions of people play their games without engaging in violent acts. “Millions of people around the world enjoy video games without turning to horrific acts,” the company stated.

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If the lawsuit succeeds, it could have significant implications for the gaming industry. Violent video games like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Rainbow Six, and Battlefield might face increased scrutiny and regulation.

Our thoughts are with the families affected by this tragedy. We hope they find strength and peace during this difficult time.