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Hotel Renovator Review for Steam



“Hotel Renovator” is one of the latest simulation games released by a French company called Focus Entertainment. They are well-known for their popular games like “Atomic Heart.” As the main protagonist of the game, you will be responsible for renovating a hotel that used to belong to your character’s grandpa, which has been knocked to the ground.

You will also have the authority to choose one of four helpers to assist you. The game begins with a video, and your main mission is to renovate the hotel like a beautiful princess and earn a 5-star rating.

In the gameplay, everything related to renovation is incorporated, such as cleaning up, fixing walls and floors, painting according to your liking, and setting up new furniture to decorate to your heart’s content.

However, always keep your guests in mind before doing any renovation work in your hotel because ultimately, you want your guests to be satisfied with your service and rate you five stars.

Now that we’ve started with a sweet and short intro, let’s go into an in-depth analysis of our hotel simulation game.


The plot of Hotel Renovator mainly focuses on an old hotel and its owner, who is basically the player’s grandparent. The plot conveys a story about good luck, bad luck, and of course, a beautiful love story. The player and, along with their siblings, out of the blue become the brand new owners of the hotel after their grandparent passes away, even though they don’t have any idea what to do next.

As the game progresses, the story unveils its true plot and tries to match the main challenges and missions in the game.

Hotel’s Background:

In the past, there was a man called Roy Bennett who used to work at a hotel. One fine night, he saw a beautiful woman named Eliza singing on stage and fell in love with her beauty at first sight.

Despite not being rich and on the other side, Eliza was super popular and wealthy. So, they had to keep their love a secret from the world. Still, he didn’t give up on her, saved money, and secretly started writing letters to Eliza. Finally, on one lucky day, he won a lot of money from a horse race and used it to buy the hotel.

He proposed to Eliza, but her father had already promised her to someone else. Roy was really sad, but he sent her a special room key in the hotel. Sadly, Eliza was scared of her dad’s reaction and never came.

Roy was heartbroken and let the hotel fall apart. He even got married to another lady, but they got divorced because he still loved Eliza. Eventually, he moved to a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean.

In the game, players learn about Roy’s story and help bring Roy and Eliza together for a happy ending.

Unique Gameplay:

The gameplay of Hotel Renovator is pretty simple yet unique in its own way. You get to pick a receptionist from five choices provided to you. After you get your perfect one, you can start your journey of fixing the hotel on the 1st floor, where you see a chicken running around. Just pick her up and throw her out of a window.

You might find it a little absurd because it’s rare to see a chicken inside a city hotel. If you pick the story mode in-game, you will encounter them again. You will also get to see the golden eggs in the hotel, which give you some extra cash. And if you try to catch the chicken, it will lead you to a guest bedroom, where you will learn how to makeover the hotel.

Initially, the procedure involved in room renovation is quite slow, but as you learn to operate and handle your tools, you eventually get better. Your only mission will be to make the hotel better, perform tasks like finding a lost wallet and fixing pipes, and as you achieve a higher rating, you will unlock more amazing goodies like furniture, accessories, and floors. After completing the story, you can buy more floors to decorate your dream hotel.

Mesmerizing Graphics and Audio:

The visuals of the game are truly top-notch. The Unreal engine makes the graphics look fantastic, and the HUD and artwork used in the game truly match the standards of 2023. The lighting is impressive, with reflections on tables and walls, and the shading adds a nice touch to your room.

The background music and sound effects used in-game are enjoyable and create a pleasant experience when interacting with the interfaces. The soothing smooth jazz adds an overall creative vibe to your room designing.

Despite all the pros in the game, there are a few cons as well. It suffers from poor optimization. Loading assets takes forever and strains your computer’s CPU. The reflections, while realistic, also lack polish on NPCs. Many mirrors in-game lack proper reflection and instead show empty white views, giving a bit of an unrealistic experience in-game.

Elegant Closure:

As our subheading suggests, there’s something really satisfying about taking something that looks old and hopeless from the outside and finding a way to make it elegant.

Sometimes, you can feel this satisfaction when you fix up a real messy room or building (I know it sounds like a lot of work in real life). But if you don’t have enough cash on hand, time, and energy to do that, the developers at Focus Entertainment have done a really great job of creating such a realistic view of creating your own building.

The title “Hotel Renovator” itself suggests that the game is all about renovating a hotel. The gameplay is pretty easy too, with no overly complex elements to worry about, allowing you to play with ease.

Sometimes, you need things to be easy rather than unnecessarily complex, and the best part of playing the game is that it’s much cheaper than renovating your own luxurious room or hotel.

We hope you enjoyed our Hotel Renovator Review.

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