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Ghost of Tsushima Soars to 6th Best-Selling Game on Steam



Ghost of Tsushima Soars to 6th Best-Selling Game on Steam

Excitement buzzes as Ghost of Tsushima, a much-awaited PC port from PlayStation, marks its territory on Steam’s top-selling games. The game, nearing its fourth anniversary, is set to grace PC screens on May 16, 2024. This news comes shortly after Sony confirmed its release.

Upon opening pre-orders, Ghost of Tsushima rapidly claimed the 6th spot in Steam’s best-selling list. What makes this rise to fame noteworthy is its timing. Games typically ascend in popularity close to their release dates, but Ghost of Tsushima achieved this feat over two months before its launch.

The title’s impressive ranking on Steam is especially striking as it surpassed other anticipated games, including Horizon Forbidden West, set for a March release. Although Steam Deck and free-to-play games are not part of this comparison, Ghost of Tsushima’s achievement stands out, drawing close to other awaited releases like Dragon’s Dogma 2.

PlayStation’s announcement has generated immense enthusiasm, almost overshadowing Capcom’s RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2. The gaming community, particularly PC fans, eagerly await this game, potentially setting new records on Steam on release day.

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Already a success on PlayStation consoles, with nearly 10 million copies sold, the excitement among PC gamers for a four-year-old game underscores its enduring appeal. This enthusiasm indicates a promising future for more PlayStation ports, with rumors suggesting The Last of Us Part 2 might follow.

With Sony potentially prepping for a Ghost of Tsushima 2 reveal at this year’s PlayStation Showcase, fans of the franchise and PC gaming have much to look forward to.