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Valve Confirms Steam Accounts are Non-Transferable After Death



Valve Confirms Steam Accounts are Non-Transferable After Death

Valve has recently clarified that Steam accounts cannot be transferred to anyone else after the account holder passes away. This news confirms that all digital content and games associated with a Steam account essentially “die” with the user.

The revelation came to light after a ResetEra user, shared a response from Steam’s customer support. When asked if Steam accounts could be transferred via a will, Steam replied, “Unfortunately, Steam accounts are non-transferable. Steam support can’t provide someone else with access to the account or merge its contents with another account.”

Valve Confirms Steam Accounts are Non-Transferable After Death

This information highlights the temporary nature of digital ownership. Unlike physical items, digital purchases on Steam cannot be bequeathed to loved ones. This policy may come as a disappointment to those who have invested significant time and money into their Steam libraries.

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While it might seem simple to leave login details to someone, Valve’s stance makes it clear that this would violate their terms of service. As a result, gamers must come to terms with the fact that their digital collections will not outlive them.

This announcement underscores the ongoing debate about digital ownership and its limitations compared to physical possessions. For now, Steam users must accept that their accounts and all associated content are non-transferable, even in death.