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Valve Designer Warns Against Modding Steam Deck SSD Size

When replacing your Steam Deck SSD, stick to same-size replacements.



Thinking of changing your Steam Deck SSD to increase storage capacity? With how easy the Steam Deck is to open up, this isn’t a bad idea, but following one modder’s decision to change the size of the SSD from 22x30mm to 22x42mm, Valve designer Lawrence Yang has made a statement about the potential danger this poses regarding the device’s internal temperature.

Steam Deck SSD and more can be seen in this image of the console's interior, courtesy of Valve
Image: Valve

The original story was published by HotHardware on June 22nd and was also covered by PC Gamer, and both articles have since been updated to reflect Yang’s concerns. The important thing to note is that Yang is specifically talking about changing the size of the Steam Deck SSD, not replacing it in general. Using another 2230 design will work perfectly, but according to the original modder’s Tweet, upgrading to a larger size can cause the device’s heat spreader to “bow slightly”.

While Yang notes that this type of modification would work in the short term, it will have long-term consequences for the Steam Deck, “significantly shorten[ing]” its lifespan. The reason for this is that 2242 SSDs often require more power than the Steam Deck is supposed to be handling, as well as the obvious danger of damaging the heat spreader by moving it.

This should by no means prevent users from changing their Steam Deck SSDs, but it is a cautionary tale nonetheless. Yang’s words should be taken seriously as a designer working for Valve, and modders should be careful not to cause device overheating and further damage by using inappropriate replacement parts. Valve does, however, otherwise acknowledge the potential for users to mod their Steam Deck devices, and videos such as this one showcase the extent to which this highly moddable console can be altered without causing any damage.

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