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Ghost of Tsushima Outperforms Hellblade 2 on Steam



Ghost of Tsushima Outperforms Hellblade 2 on Steam

Ghost of Tsushima is currently outselling Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 on Steam, generating significant buzz in the gaming community. The exact sales numbers remain undisclosed, but Ghost of Tsushima has already garnered over 77k players, while Hellblade 2 has not surpassed 4k players.

Ghost of Tsushima’s success is partly attributed to its established fan base and the hype surrounding its PC release. Conversely, Hellblade 2’s availability on Game Pass might be affecting its Steam sales, as many players opt to play it through the subscription service.

Ghost of Tsushima Outperforms Hellblade 2 on Steam

The comparison between these two games has sparked various opinions among fans. Some argue that comparing them is unfair due to their different scales and genres. Ghost of Tsushima, a major AAA title, offers an immersive open-world experience set in historical Japan. Hellblade 2, while highly cinematic, is a smaller scale game and has a unique gameplay style that appeals to a different audience.

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Fans also discuss the marketing strategies behind both the games. Ghost of Tsushima benefitted from extensive marketing and its exclusive PlayStation history, while Hellblade 2 had limited promotion. This difference in exposure has impacted their sales performance on Steam.