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Arrowhead Game Studios Appoints Shams Jorjani as New CEO



Arrowhead Game Studios Appoints Shams Jorjani as New CEO

Arrowhead Game Studios has announced a major leadership change. Johan Pilestedt, the current CEO, is stepping down to become the Chief Creative Officer (CCO). Shams Jorjani will take over as the new CEO. Pilestedt will now focus more on the development of Helldivers 2.

Jorjani, who previously worked at Paradox Interactive as Chief Business Development Officer, brings a wealth of experience to Arrowhead. He has also served as chairman of the board and investor at Hooded Horse, the publisher of Manor Lords. Pilestedt expressed his confidence in Jorjani’s capabilities in a social media post, stating that he trusts Jorjani to lead the business.

Arrowhead Game Studios Appoints Shams Jorjani as New CEO

Pilestedt’s new role as CCO allows him to spend more time with the development team and focus entirely on the games and community. He emphasized his continued involvement with Helldivers 2, ensuring fans that he will be dedicating his efforts to improving the game. Pilestedt clarified that he is not leaving Arrowhead but shifting his focus from business operations to game development.

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The change in leadership aims to benefit both the studio and the game’s development. Jorjani’s business acumen and Pilestedt’s creative expertise will guide Arrowhead in delivering high-quality content for Helldivers 2.

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