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Helldivers 2 Developers Thank PlayStation for Support and Funding



Helldivers 2 Developers Thank PlayStation for Support and Funding

Arrowhead Game Studios recently revealed in an interview that Sony has been extremely helpful in developing Helldivers 2. Originally set for release in 2019, the game’s launch was extended to 2024, with Sony increasing the budget to ensure no compromises were made.

Helldivers 2 is one of the biggest games of 2024 and the largest PlayStation game on PC. Despite a decline in concurrent players due to Sony’s delisting of the game in most countries, Helldivers 2 sold over 12 million copies in three months. This success is largely attributed to Sony’s support during development.

Sony is known for treating its studios well. The developer of Sea of Thieves also praised Sony for helping port the game to PS5. At the Nordic Game presentation, it was revealed that Helldivers 2 faced numerous delays and budget increases, but Sony’s support proved invaluable.

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Sony’s decision to provide more resources allowed Arrowhead Game Studios to continue working on the title. This risky move, given the original Helldivers’ reception, paid off. Sony’s leadership and leniency fostered an environment full of creativity, crucial for the developers who worked on the game for eight years.

Despite recent controversies and delisting issues, the developer had kind words for Sony’s support. Currently, Helldivers 2 remains delisted from Steam in many countries, with no clear date for its return.