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Avalanche Studio Founder Criticizes Warner Bros for Mad Max DLC Cancellation



Avalanche Studio Founder Criticizes Warner Bros for Mad Max DLC Cancellation

Christofer Sundberg, the founder of Avalanche Studios, has criticized Warner Bros for the cancellation of the Mad Max game’s downloadable content (DLC). He revealed this on Twitter, explaining that Warner Bros’ decisions significantly impacted the game’s development and sales.

The 2015 release of Mad Max, although well-received, faced challenges due to its release timing. Warner Bros forced the game to launch on the same day as Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This led to poor sales, and Warner Bros blamed Avalanche Studios for the underperformance.

Sundberg expressed his frustration, stating that the team had to discard a year’s worth of work to align with Warner Bros’ vision of a linear game, despite initially developing an open-world experience. This shift not only hindered the game’s potential but also led to the cancellation of planned DLCs.

In response to director George Miller’s recent comments about wanting Kojima to create a Mad Max game, Sundberg defended his team’s efforts. He argued that while Kojima might bring a different vision, the constraints and publisher interference they faced should not be overlooked.

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Despite these setbacks, Sundberg acknowledged the talent and hard work of his team, emphasizing that the original pitch for Mad Max deserved recognition. The gaming community continues to debate the impact of such publisher decisions on the creative process and the final product.

Sundberg’s statements have reignited discussions about the game’s development challenges and the influence of large publishers on creative projects. Fans of the Mad Max franchise remain hopeful for future adaptations that can fulfill the game’s potential without similar constraints.