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MultiVersus Launch Trailer Unveils Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith



MultiVersus Launch Trailer Unveils Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith

Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have released the launch trailer for MultiVersus, revealing Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and Agent Smith from The Matrix Trilogy as new playable characters. This free-to-play crossover platform fighter will officially launch on May 28.

The new trailer showcases the diverse roster in vibrant CGI, featuring these iconic villains alongside other characters like Mark Hamill’s Joker and the less sinister Banana Guard. Fans can expect more characters to join the game in the future, enhancing the already varied lineup.

MultiVersus has been fully remade in Unreal Engine 5, improving its visual production values and lighting. Additionally, the game’s netcode has been enhanced for a more consistent cross-platform experience, as confirmed by game director Tony Huynh.

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Beyond new characters, the game will introduce fresh moves, mechanics, and maps, including settings inspired by The Powerpuff Girls’ Townsville and Dexter’s Laboratory. Another exciting addition is the PvE Rifts mode. This mode offers a seasonal campaign with changing themes, including combat, mini-games, and platforming challenges.

With its official launch just around the corner, MultiVersus promises a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience for fans of crossover fighting games.