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Redfall’s Planned Offline Mode Scrapped as Arkane Austin Shuts Down



Redfall's Planned Offline Mode Scrapped as Arkane Austin Shuts Down

Arkane Austin, the development studio behind the vampire-themed shooter Redfall, was reportedly on the verge of releasing an offline mode for the game this May. However, the studio’s sudden closure by Microsoft has halted all development, including this much-anticipated update.

According to reports from IGN, Arkane Austin was actively working on this feature up until the announcement of the studio’s shutdown. The offline mode was a part of the game’s Hero Pass, which also promised to introduce two new characters around Halloween. This update was set to address the game’s previously criticized always-online requirement for single-player mode.

Redfall's Planned Offline Mode Scrapped as Arkane Austin Shuts Down

Redfall’s launch had been rocky, with critiques focused on its mandatory online connectivity even for solo play. The planned offline mode was intended to alleviate these concerns and enhance player experience by allowing solo gameplay without an internet connection.

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The decision to close Arkane Austin was part of a larger reduction by Microsoft that also affected other studios under the Bethesda umbrella. This move has been widely criticized across the gaming industry, with former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra even commenting on the situation, highlighting the personal difficulty of these decisions.

As it stands, the future of Redfall is uncertain. With the offline mode unlikely to be released and potential server shutdowns in the future, the game could become unplayable in single-player mode, leaving fans and players in a difficult position.

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