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Mad Max: Fury Road Gets An Unexpected Recreation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Now, this is a crossover that I would love to see become an official thing at some point. A Twitter user by the name of Sylver_ACNH has recreated a classic moment from the 2015 Mad Max movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. These are two franchises that you wouldn’t necessarily think would be the most compatible and yet, it works and it works incredibly well.

In the Mad Max film, a certain character made quite a stir upon the movie’s release: the blind guitarist. The guitarist- whose name is actually Coma-Doof Warrior a.k.a The Doof Warrior- became a legend, a meme and an icon of this generation all thanks to a few minutes of screen time. He rocks out on his electric guitar- which also doubles as a flamethrower- as part of Immortan Joe’s militia. He spurs on the bad guys with his battle music whilst riding on a convoy equipped with huge speakers. So of course, this scene has gotten the Animal Crossing treatment thanks to the efforts of Sylver_ACNH.

The main villager from Animal Crossing takes on the role of the Doof Warrior – god that name gets weirder every time I think of it- as they strike a pose in the classic red jumpsuit that the Doof Warrior dons in the movie. The set-up of the speakers is cleverly created by including the modern speakers that you can get in the Animal Crossing game as well as some gramophones. There are also several vehicles in the desert background as well as a cheeky skull thrown in for good measure. It really shouldn’t work. Animal Crossing and Mad Max should just not go together and yet Sylver_ACNH has made this unlikely pairing work fantastically well.

Make sure to check out Sylver_ACHN on Twitter for more of their content.

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