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Pokémon and Sumo Wrestling Are Joining Forces For Pokémon Themed Kensho Banners



It seems like a match made in heaven when you really think about it seeing as both Pokémon and sumo wrestling involve two parties duking it out for the entertainment of a ravenous crowd. These two behemoths of Japanese entertainment are finally joining forces officially, as confirmed by the below Tweet from the official Pokémon Twitter account for Japan.

The tweet contains a link to a PDF (in Japanese) with information about the new partnership between the Japan Sumo Association- who are the premiere sumo wrestling league within Japan, otherwise known as Nihon Sumo Kyokai. This team up will see Pokémon being advertised during sumo tournaments via themed banners that will have Pokémon art displayed on them.  These banners- known as “kensho banners”- are brightly coloured centre pieces that are well known during sumo wrestling competitions, being- according to The Japan Times-, “One of the defining sights of a sumo tournament”.” These banners are carried during the tournament as well as being hung up for display and they will feature all different sorts of Pokémon art on them, such as box art from some of the games. The examples given in the document were of Charizard, Venasaur, Pikachu and Makuhita (whose design is actually inspired by sumo wrestlers). The banners will start being displayed from November and there is going to be more than 200 designs for the banners.

It seems apt for these two giants in Japanese entertainment would finally come together; especially seeing as this year marks the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and The Pokémon Company have been unveiling all sorts of news in regards to it. Here’s hoping we get some more interesting collaborations for Pokémon during its anniversary year.

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