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New Mario Game Possibly in Development at Nintendo



New Mario Game Possibly in Development at Nintendo

Exciting rumors are swirling about a potential new Mario game in development at Nintendo. Renowned leaker Midori recently shared that a project with the codename SPRed is underway. Historically, “Red” has been a codename for mainline Mario games, adding credibility to this speculation.

Midori, known for accurate leaks, tweeted about SPRed, stating, “There’s a project at Nintendo in development with the codename SPRed.” This tweet ignited excitement among fans eager for new Mario adventures.

The use of “Red” as a codename for Mario games isn’t new. Nintendo has used similar codenames for their flagship titles in the past. This tradition supports Midori’s claim, suggesting that SPRed could indeed be a new Mario installment.

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Details about SPRed are scarce, but the codename offers intriguing clues. The “SP” might stand for “Super” or “Special,” hinting at a significant new entry in the series. Whether it’s a continuation of classic platforming, a new 3D experience, or an entirely fresh concept, the possibilities are exciting.