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Nintendo Switch 2 Faces Performance Concerns with Potential 1080p Display



Nintendo Switch 2 Faces Performance Concerns with Potential 1080p Display

Rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 are stirring excitement. The new console, expected to launch in March 2025, may feature a 1080p display. However, analysts suggest a 720p screen might be a wiser choice.

Tech experts argue that a 1080p display could lead to issues with backward compatibility and performance. Most current Nintendo Switch games run at 720p in handheld mode. Therefore, using a higher resolution could make these games look worse. Nintendo might need to rely on docked versions of games or patch each title for the new display.

During a Digital Foundry discussion, experts expressed concern over the potential 1080p display. They believe sticking with 720p would offer better performance headroom for future games. A lower resolution can help extend the console’s lifespan and maintain good performance with newer releases. With DLSS upscaling, the 720p display could still deliver excellent visuals.

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While a 1080p screen has its benefits, handhelds like Valve’s Steam Deck use a 720p resolution for a reason. The lower resolution looks good on smaller screens and ensures better performance. Nintendo has yet to confirm the display resolution for the Switch 2, but analysts believe choosing a cost-efficient and performance-friendly option would be smart.