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PlayStation to Possibly Go All-Digital by PS7



PlayStation to Possibly Go All-Digital by PS7

Analyst Mat Piscatella from Circana predicts PlayStation may transition fully to digital formats by the time the PS7 is released. This insight stems from the growing trend of digital game purchases, as observed over recent years. Xbox, under Microsoft, is already ahead in this trend, frequently moving away from physical releases. Piscatella believes Xbox players will see an entirely digital future soon.

He shared (thanks PSLifestyle) these thoughts in response to a tweet from Limited Run Games, which mentioned that the “Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Collector’s Edition” for Xbox won’t have a traditional retail release. This shift aligns with Microsoft’s strategy, where some Xbox Series X discs now only contain game keys, necessitating a full download.

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Sony has also noted a significant consumer shift toward digital downloads. The sales balance has been tipping increasingly in favor of digital over physical formats. Piscatella suggests that PlayStation might have one more generation of discs left, while Nintendo might continue with physical releases for another two generations.