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Bluepoint Games Still Working on Original Title for PlayStation



Bluepoint Games Still Working on Original Title for PlayStation

Bluepoint Games, a PlayStation studio known for its high-quality remakes, has confirmed that it is currently working on an original title. The developer, which gained acclaim for the Demon’s Souls remake, has remained silent about its projects since being acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in September 2021. Despite numerous rumors, including speculation about a Bloodborne remake, Bluepoint is focusing on creating something new.

The confirmation came from Bluepoint’s head of technology, Peter Dalton, during an exchange on the social media platform X/Twitter. Dalton responded to a fan query by stating that the studio’s focus on an original project remains unchanged. Dalton also expressed admiration for FromSoftware’s president Hidetaka Miyazaki, who recently spoke against layoffs at his studio.

Bluepoint has escaped the mass layoffs that affected many PlayStation studios in February 2024, where over 900 jobs were lost. This includes hits to first-party studios like Insomniac Games and Guerrilla Games. However, there were no reports of layoffs or project cancellations at Bluepoint.

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While fans eagerly await more details, the studio’s next game remains a mystery. Known for their remakes of titles such as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush Remastered, and Shadow of the Colossus, Bluepoint is taking the next step in its evolution by developing an original game.