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Sea of Thieves Beta Launches on PlayStation



Sea of Thieves Beta Launches on PlayStation

PS5 players who pre-ordered Sea of Thieves are in for a treat as the beta version is now live and will run until April 15, 2024, at 9 AM UTC. This early access is available to anyone who has pre-ordered any version of the game on PS5.

During the beta phase, players have the opportunity to earn Renown, currency, and cosmetic rewards as part of Season 11’s progression. What’s more, these rewards will transfer to the full game upon its release on April 30, 2024. Additionally, beta participants will receive a 10-level boost in Renown for Season 12.

The Sea of Thieves beta is proving to be a hit, leading to longer waiting times as announced by the game’s social media. Unfortunately, trophies aren’t available in the beta, but any progress players make will count towards them in the full version.

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Remember, when the full game launches, players will join others from different consoles and PCs in the pirate-themed multiplayer adventure. Sea of Thieves first launched in 2018 and has since been a popular title on Xbox One. The PS5 version promises to bring all the adventurous pirate action to a new audience.

This beta release comes as part of Microsoft’s strategy to introduce more of its titles, like Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, to other consoles. Next up is the survival game Grounded, hitting PS4 and PS5 on April 16, 2024. Get ready to set sail and experience the high seas in Sea of Thieves on PS5!