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9 Nintendo Franchises we want to play on mobile





Now, I do tend to make fun of Chibi-Robo quite a bit as being a C-level mascot, a point that needs no further support than the fact that Chibi is basically a 5-inch robot butler who cleans up other people’s messes. However, despite how easy it is to level flak at the poor guy, he really is quite adorable, and I think the odd charm of his games would suit the mobile audience quite well, as well as increase his profile a bit to the point where he might finally be fit to shine Mario’s shoes.

But what type of game would it be? Forget the ho-hum platformer that was Zip Lash. I’d focus more on the housework and familial intermediary duties of the eponymous Gamecube original, and combine that with the photography aspects and junk collecting for some weird museum of garbage that was the eShop downloadable, Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder. While taking a picture of a roll of toilet paper to put on display in front of a weird guy called Mr. Curator wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing ever on a 3DS, it’s the sort of goofy and disposable entertainment that could be perfect on a phone. And since people tend to take their phones with them more places than their handheld consoles, Chibi could finally get out of the house for a bit and into the great big, wide world, where there’s sure to be even more pointless things to take pictures of.

If this sounds like snark, it’s not.The inanity of Chibi-Robo’s duties are part of what gives the games their likability. Sending players on scavenger hunts to track down everyday items found around town could be a blast, and I can see helping that poor robot butler out with his quirky chores becoming endearing. Scores based on the quality of photos, organized events, and worldwide to-do lists leaderboards detailing whose earned their keep best that week would have players coming back for more and more, and will have Chibi-Robo ascending the ranks to stardom in no time. (Patrick Murphy)

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