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9 Nintendo Franchises we want to play on mobile





Now that Nintendo has basically taken over the dying handheld market they wish to expand to new areas. Nintendo has already announced the upcoming Pokemon mobile game but what else is there to choose from? Maybe it is time to give the underdogs a chance. So many fans focus on the main Nintendo characters like Mario and Link but what about the others? What about Kirby? Kirby hasn’t received much love with only a couple games in the last few years including Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Not only is Kirby cute, pink and indestructible, he likes to eat everything and copy their abilities, so what isn’t there to love about him? Kirby’s Dream Land 1-3 would play fairly well on a mobile device, with few buttons and easy controls it wouldn’t be overly complicated to play with just your thumbs (much like playing Kirby on the old Game Boy). It would also be a nostalgic return to Kirby’s friends Rick, Coo and Kine, even if Kine is about as good as a fish out of water on land. (Will Stroad)

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