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9 Nintendo Franchises we want to play on mobile





Punch-Out isn’t your traditional boxing game – the gameplay design is all about pattern recognition, fast reaction times and sometimes, patience. Mac has 5 different punches at his disposal – the most powerful is the star punch uppercut, and his opponents each have their own unique bag of tricks. In order to defeat each member of the rogues gallery, players must figure out how to counter their special moves. What makes Punch Out such a success is that each match plays like a mini boss battle – and every opponent has different boxing styles. In each fight, the opponent has certain mannerisms which act as clues to when he will perform his special move. Because of this, in some ways, Punch Out is like a puzzle game. The major key to beating the game is recognizing patterns. What makes Punch Out perfect for mobile devices is the controls. There are already a dozen or more games on mobile devices that have followed the Punch Out and they all use the simple swipe or touch of the screen to move your playable character. Swipe left or right to dodge punches; swipe down to duck and swipe your finger up to block. And to punch, you only need to tap the screen. (Ricky D)

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