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Check Out This Gorgeous Dark Souls Lore Book

The long discussed and heavily debated history of Lordran and it’s denizens has been the subject of much online chatter about Dark Souls.



Dark Souls Lore Book

Dark Souls has some of the most arcane lore this side of Kingdom Hearts. The game’s plot and characters have been the subject of hundreds of speculative YouTube videos and articles. While the conclusions of many of these lore scholars have rarely been officially confirmed by the top brass at FromSoftware, not only is there a definite line of reasoning for some, many fall well within the realm of cited influences like the anime/manga series Berserk and the stories of Norse mythology.

With all of this firmly in mind, online personality Lokey has created what might be the ultimate fan resource regarding the original game in the Dark Souls franchise. Featuring hundreds of pages of deft conjecture and some absolute Lord of the Rings level presentation, the Abyssal Archive is the ultimate must-have index for the Hollowed person in your life.

Lokey Lore/Tune & Fairweather

If you happen to have a friend who places themselves into a medieval wheel and rolls through their local catacombs looking for bones, give them this as a gift. If you are merely acquainted with a wizard who happens to have a very large hat, even they will love this tome. Furthermore, if you know some chaos-worshipping spider people, take special note here and offer this book as a sacrifice to their many arms.

From the binding to the covers to the gigantic, world-appropriate map of the entirety of Lordran, this is one of the best gifts a fan of the Soulsborne games or Dark Souls, in particular, could ever hope to get. If you know and love someone obsessed with these games, and you happen to have a couple of hundred dollars sitting around, this might be the ultimate gift you can give to the masochistic weirdo in your basement.

Dark Souls Lore Book
Lokey Lore/Tune & Fairweather

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