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A Fully Functional and Playable Build of the Cancelled 2008 GoldenEye 007 Remaster Leaks Online



The iconic 1998 Nintendo 64 shooting game GoldenEye 007– based on the James Bond film of the same name- has always had a bit of an issue when it came to being remade or remastered. Although Activision did release a remake/ modern reimagining of the game back in 2010- with an enhanced port of that version coming out in 2011- but the original attempt at a remake was halted in its tracks. Back in 2008, developers of the original Rare were working on a remaster specifically for the Xbox Live Arcade. After licensing issues between Rare, Nintendo and MGM, the project never came to fruition even though it was almost finished. Until now that is.

The game is now actually playable via the PC thanks to an online leak, although footage of the remake has been leaked beforehand. The remake- which includes a complete graphics update (although the player has the option to revert to the original graphics if they so choose), local split screen multiplayer and the full single player campaign from the original- is accessible via the ROM for the game through websites for file sharing. If you can get your hands on that ROM- and set up an emulator for the Xbox 360- then you might be able to give the cancelled remake a try.

If you’d rather just take a look at the content of GoldenEye 007 Xbox 360 remake then check out the livestream that the Digital Foundry did for the game below or over on their YouTube channel.

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