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Sea of Thieves Celebrates 40 Million Players



Sea of Thieves Celebrates 40 Million Players

Sea of Thieves, the popular pirate adventure game, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 40 million players across Xbox and PC platforms. The game’s developer, Rare, announced this achievement just days before the game’s much-anticipated PlayStation 5 release. This milestone reflects the game’s strong presence in Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem since its launch in 2018.

Rare expressed its gratitude towards the game’s vibrant community and highlighted the success of the game on Xbox Game Pass. The service has played a crucial role in reaching millions of players through subscriptions and premium purchases. As the game prepares for its next season, Rare has also boosted in-game rewards such as renown, gold, and reputation to celebrate this achievement.

Sea of Thieves Celebrates 40 Million Players

The excitement is building as Sea of Thieves is set to launch on PlayStation 5 at the end of this month. The PlayStation version promises new adventures and the potential to expand the already large community of players. With its recent beta launch showing high demand and strong pre-orders, the full PlayStation launch is expected to bring even more players into the fold.

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As the game gears up for Season 12, it continues to offer a wealth of content, including new threats, questlines, and tech advancements that have kept the community engaged over the years. Rare’s commitment to updating the game and expanding its audience is evident as it prepares to welcome a new wave of pirates from the PlayStation community.