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Sea of Thieves Tops PlayStation Pre-Order Charts



Sea of Thieves Tops PlayStation Pre-Order Charts

Sea of Thieves, a pirate-themed multiplayer sandbox game by Rare, has become the most pre-ordered game on PlayStation Network in the US and several other regions. Following Microsoft’s confirmation of bringing Xbox exclusives like Sea of Thieves to PlayStation 5, this game has topped the pre-order charts, indicating a strong interest from players.

The premium edition of Sea of Thieves, priced at $40, is particularly popular, occupying the top spot while the base game is fifth, right after Dragon’s Dogma 2. This popularity is notable as Sea of Thieves is set to release on PlayStation consoles only on April 30, much later than other highly anticipated titles like Rise of the Ronin.

Xbox’s strategy to make its exclusives available on PlayStation seems to be paying off, as evidenced by the pre-order success of Sea of Thieves. This approach could potentially lead to more multiplatform releases from Xbox in the future. Additionally, the influx of PlayStation players is expected to boost the game’s audience, which has already seen over 35 million unique players across Xbox and PC platforms.

The game’s strong pre-order performance in various regions, including the UK, Germany, and Sweden, further underscores its widespread appeal. As Sea of Thieves gears up for its launch on PlayStation, it promises to expand its reach and continue to offer new updates for its growing player base.

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This cross-platform release sets an exciting precedent for future Microsoft games and reflects a trend towards broader accessibility in the gaming industry.