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8 Video Games Set in the Christmas Spirit



Video Games that lift Christmas Spirit

With the holiday season here, many gamers can sink their teeth into this festive period if they want to enhance their passion and love for the time of year.

Christmas is a popular time of the year and is one that is enjoyed widely around the world. While a religious holiday first and foremost, it is a time of year that aims to bring everyone together to celebrate the happiness that they have in their lives.

Gamers enjoy the time as it can be one of the best times of the year to play their favorite titles, especially those that have Christmas-themed aspects built into the gameplay and mechanics.

Developers recognize this and look to use it to their advantage to encourage players to buy their titles and continue to play them throughout the entire holiday season. As a result, there are numerous options available to enjoy. Here are just eight of the best that have been set with the Christmas spirit being evident…

Top 8 Games

  1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

A spin-off of the original series, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a game that takes place in New York City around the Christmas season. Miles is heading home from school to enjoy the holidays before finding out he has to protect it from evil as Peter Parker is away. It allows Miles to be identifiable as his own character, and provides a fun-filled time as an Xmas-themed game.

  1. Parasite Eve

Released in 1998, Parasite Eve is still one of the best Christmas-themed games around. It takes place on Christmas Eve and combines Final Fantasy and Resident Evil in its gameplay, making it one of the best. Players will take on the role of Aya Brea and be tasked to kill the mutations and save Christmas after a night out to the opera in New York City.

  1. Metal Gear 2

Another throwback of a title, Metal Gear 2 was released in 1990 and can be one of the more forgettable titles. However, it still involves a top Christmas-themed gameplay experience. Players will see Solid Snake go to Zanzirbarland on Christmas Eve to try and save the holiday season from a nuclear attack.

  1. Christmas Carol Megaways

Slot enthusiasts who use the best online casino available to them this Christmas can truly get into the spirit of the holiday season by playing Christmas Carol Megaways. They will be able to enjoy the classical tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge and the three ghosts. The visuals bring a feel-good vibe, while the 200,704 ways to win in this Pragmatic Play title can potentially lead to it being an Xmas never to be forgotten!

  1. Dead Rising 4

Although Christmas has already happened in this game, it is evident the holiday season is still here through the use of its decorations. Dead Rising 4 will see players look to find out what happened during the holiday period, as the city has been abandoned. Nonetheless, Frank West is still up to his usual efforts in this title.

  1. Daze Before Christmas

Santa Claus is a star in the eyes of many around the world, and this game is ideal for lovers of the main man as he is the star of Daze Before Christmas. Players will be tasked with trying to get back all of the presents that have been stolen from him by the evil version of himself. It is a basic game, but one that can provide plenty of nostalgia.

  1. Saints Row 4: How The Saints Saved Christmas

Game developers have been able to make additional revenues through downloadable content in recent years, and Volition looked to take advantage of the holiday period when they introduced a Christmas-themed pack for Saints Row 4. It provides plenty of fun for those who enjoy Xmas as they can save Santa in a short game.

  1. Home Alone

Home Alone is perhaps the biggest Christmas film to have ever been created. It was so big that it even had a game made for the Sega Genesis and the NES. It followed the story of the movie, thus giving players familiarity. The only real difference is the fact that Kevin has to protect the entire street and not just his own home!

Hope you enjoyed this list and Merry Christmas. Keep Gaming !

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