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Top 20+ Female Characters from the Mario Universe – A Comprehensive List



Female Character from Mario Universe

The Super Mario games feature a bunch of exciting female characters like Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Wendy O. Koopa, and Pom Pom, among others. These stunning female characters have been a significant part of the Mario universe since 1985, and undoubtedly, without these beautiful female characters, the Mario World would be as dull as any other game that misses the glamour factor.

So, are you curious to know about these unique female characters? I bet you are, but we are not limiting ourselves to just well-known and popular female characters like Princess Peach or Princess Daisy. We will also put female villain characters in the spotlight in our article. Keep reading because it’s going to be a fun adventure!

22. The Great Beldam:

The Great Beldam is one of the female witch characters in the Paper Mario series. She is known to be one of the older sisters of Vivian. She is well-known for fooling our cutest Princess Peach and our mustache hero Mario by lying about a treasure that doesn’t even exist in reality.

She didn’t stop there, as she also tells the X-Nauts about a demon that would help them capture the territory they want and even help to rule it.

Because of her misdeeds, she is not so popular among the fans of Mario. As she is one of the renowned female antagonists of the series, she deserves a place on our list, but it’s an individual choice to consider her one of the best female characters or not. It’s all up to you!

21. Mimi:

Mimi is a big-brained and shape-shifting female antagonist in Super Paper Mario, and don’t be fooled by her looks; she is really cunning. She serves as one of Count Bleck’s minions and always uses her powers to stop Mario and his friends in their mission to rescue the world from chaos.

Despite Mimi being well-known as a bad character, her complex nature and creepy demeanor make her really interesting in the Mario Universe. Her unique ability to change shape and enjoy fooling others adds exciting challenges and moments in the game for all the players, including characters of the Mario game.

As we know, without a great villain, the story remains boring, which is why I consider Mimi one of the best female characters in the Mario series.

20. Pom Pom:

Pom Pom is one of the female bosses in Super Mario 3D Land, and she is in charge of some airships.

Pom Pom is also recognized as a partner to Boom Boom. She mostly carries a shuriken with a ribbon on it; that’s her basic overall appearance. Her name resonates with the fluffy balls used by cheerleaders and in crafts.

Just like Boom Boom, Pom Pom is also a faithful member of Bowser’s team and is one of the most powerful Koopas in the Koopa Troop. In Super Mario 3D World, it is said that Pom Pom always tries to be elegant and girly, but she is hot-headed and easily loses her temper.

Well, even though she is a member of Bowser’s team, she looks better and more elegant than the rest of the workers of Bowser. That’s why I think she at least deserves a mention in our list for her charm, even though she may not be the best female character of the Mario series.

19. Madame Flurrie:

Madame Flurrie is one of the female characters in the game “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.” She is popular for being great at defending you in battles. She has high HP, can heal a bit instantly every turn, and her unique and powerful attacks can even diminish enemies’ defenses.

She can be super helpful because she can stomp on any enemy standing in front of you, even if they are far away from you, as long as they don’t have spikes on them.

If you are low on HP and want to defeat enemies in a bunch, Madame Flurrie can blow enemies away with one shot. And who can ignore her, as she is so useful and helpful? That is why I consider her one of the most useful and one of the best female characters in the Mario series.

18. Pink Gold Peach:

Can you imagine a golden version of Princess Peach? If not, check out Pink Gold Peach.

Well, Pink Gold Peach is like a golden statue of Princess Peach and also one character. Yes, you read that right! You can encounter her in Mario Kart 8 once you unlock her by playing a lot, as she is really hard to get, and she is also the heaviest character in the game because, of course, she is made of gold.

One of the biggest disappointments is that because she is heavy, she is not fast, but I think there have been improvements in gameplay and handling systems recently.

If you ask about her as a female character in the Mario series, what makes her special? It’s her elegant and fancy way of moving in the game.

Yes, even though she is a statue and made of gold, her princess vibes never miss the point. Plus, she can go underwater for as long as she wishes, and she never gets rusty because she’s mostly made of gold.

17. Cappy’s Sister, Tiara:

Can you consider a talking crown to be cute if she is also a female character? Well, why not if she is cute and adorable. Here comes Cappy’s cutest sister, Tiara.

Tiara is one of the female characters in the game Super Mario Odyssey. She is considered to be a Bonneter and lives in the Cap Kingdom with her sweet brother, Cappy. As we describe her looks, she looks like a big silver tiara with purple eyes and a body that looks a bit like an Eerie.

In the game, Bowser kidnaps her and forces her into Princess Peach’s wedding tiara. So, Cappy, her brother, and Mario join the team to rescue her. Once they get Tiara and Princess Peach, they go to various places in different kingdoms and give Mario Power Moons as a gift for rescuing her.

Even though she is just a support character in the game, she can reward you much more than you can expect. And personally, I find her really cute looking, which is why I can’t miss her to add in our list of the best female characters in the Mario series.

16. Wendy O. Koopa:

Here comes our next female character, who is also one of Bowser’s servants, Wendy O. Koopa.

Wendy O. Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings in Bowser’s team, and fortunately, she’s the only female member among them, which makes her stand out a lot of the time. Her love for dressing and jewelry is immeasurable, and she has a pink shell with spikes and grey rings in her overall appearance.

Other than that, she is popular for being super bossy and self-confident, and the only rivals she considers are Peach and Daisy, as they are the only ones who can stand against her.

Well, she is the kind of woman who wants everything according to her, and if not, she can even kill you without mercy.

15. Captain Syrup:

The next female antagonist on our list is none other than Captain Syrup, and she is from the Wario Land series.

CaptainSyrup is recognized as the captain of the Black Sugar Gang, and she was first introduced in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 in the year 1994.

As she is an antagonist of the Wario series, her skills lie in stealing things, and she is a professional at her job for sure. She has stolen treasures from Wario, such as a big golden statue of Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom, and even the Ancient Globe from a museum.

Well, I won’t say she is a good character in the series, but in terms of appearance, she resembles more of a human and is quite cute.

As a female character, she has her own charm to allure anyone around, and how can we forget to add her to our list of the best female characters of the Mario series because in terms of appearance, she looks good, and you may like her.

14. Goombella:

Fed up with the antagonist lineup of female characters in the Mario series? Here comes an absolute sweetheart and my personal favorite, Goombella.

Goombella was first seen in the game called Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and coincidentally, she is said to be the first friend to join Mario on his journey.

In terms of personality, she is smart, cute, friendly, and an energetic student studying archaeology. Surprisingly, she begins to like Mario, and eventually, she develops a crush on him while helping him on his journey.

Later, she was also introduced in another game called Toadal Drama Returns, where she’s in a girl form as a scout with lots of badges and medals. She tries her best to help her team, but they find her annoying because she always likes to push the limits and can go to any extent to win.

For me, her cute appearance was really amazing, and I know you must be liking her too. I mean, there is no reason to hate her; she is just a lovely small girl.

13. Dixie Kong:

Here comes a super cute monkey girl in our list named Dixie Kong.

She was first seen in Donkey Kong games series, and she possesses special moves for fighting called the Helicopter Spin. If you don’t know, she’s also Diddy Kong’s girlfriend.

In a game called Mario Hoops 3-on-3, she is really popular at making shots, especially with something called Cannon’s shot. You can also see her in games such as Mario Kart, Mario Super Sluggers, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

As she is super popular among the fans, our list will be incomplete if we don’t mention her as one of the best female characters from the Mario series.

12. Tiny Kong:

Tiny Kong is one of the female characters you can always choose to play in the game Mario Super Sluggers. She is known to be a team player, and you can unlock her to use her in the game. Surprisingly, this is the first time she was introduced in the Mario game series.

In terms of personality, she is a confident and groovy character who is a bit like her sister Dixie Kong but more outgoing. She’s also a bit like Diddy Kong in being bold and confident in her speech. She never hesitates to speak her mind.

You can find Tiny Kong in the Donkey Kong Barrel Blast game on the Wii, where you can play her by completing Sapphire Mode on an easier setting just to be on the safe side.

She has a special voice for her character, and her animations in Mario Super Sluggers show her like a teenager who loves to show off her looks and has a playful personality.

11. Misstar:

Misstar is one of the cutest characters in our list, and if you haven’t seen her, I request you to see her in the game. You will instantly fall in love with this cutie pie.

Misstar is a mysterious spirit renowned as the 5th Star Spirit. It is said that in the story, Mario rescues her on Lavalava Island by defeating an unbeatable enemy named Lava Piranha. In return for his good gesture, Misstar gives Mario an invincible power called “Smooch,” which helps him heal by giving him back 20 HP.

Well, that’s what we call a super useful ability.

10. Mona:

Mona is considered to be one of the crucial characters in the WarioWare series. She is one of Wario’s original employees at WarioWare, Inc. Well, she is a hardworking and independent woman, so she also opts for part-time work in various places in Diamond City, many of which are owned by someone named Joe, other than working at WarioWare.

Surprisingly, Mona is also Wario’s girlfriend, although I think Mona doesn’t like to go on dates, which is why they are not often seen together. But other than that, there are glimpses of events when they are encountered together, like dancing at Club Sugar, meeting at Mona’s Pizza Palace, and Wario’s House, and also planning outfits for a party in WarioWare Gold.

The best thing about this character is that she loves adventure and is also really smart. She assumes Wario is really cool and always enjoys joining him on some of his fun and money-making adventures.

If you want to see her in the game WarioWare, Inc., where she was first introduced. Then comes Mega Microgame$, you can find her there as well. But sadly, she was not introduced in the popular games of the franchise like Super Mario games or Super Smash Bros.

9. Merlee:

Next comes a classic female character as a fortune teller, yes you read that right!

Merlee, who is by profession a fortune teller, was first introduced in the Paper Mario games. As she is depicted with so much knowledge, she has been portrayed to be really old and has some powerful magic abilities as well. And still, you want to know what makes her interesting? It is that she only talks in rhymes. Awesome, right?

If you want to see Merlee, you can find her in a secret spot behind the Toad House in Dry Dry Outpost. She often tries to help Mario by using her card tricks to boost his abilities immensely. She offers three different payment plans, and the effects of each of her spells vary depending on which plan Mario goes for.

Well, sometimes you will discover her popping up to make Mario stronger or more protected on his journey. After long battles, she may show up to increase the number of Star Points or coins Mario gets at the end of the game.

As for her appearance, it is said that in the first Paper Mario game, she is seen wearing purple clothes. But in Thousand-Year Door, she switches to a green-colored dress.

8. Kammy Koopa:

Kammy Koopa is a lady magician and also an antagonist named Magikoopa in the Paper Mario games. She is like Bowser’s right-hand and is renowned to be the mastermind of the Bowser team.

In the first two Paper Mario games, she is often seen playing different kinds of roles. In the first one, she is a female villain, and in the second, she’s not as important as in the first one, as she is just like a side character.

As we describe her appearances, she looks really old and is said to be a witch and also dresses like one.

One of the things that makes her evil is that Bowser is really admirable and does whatever he says without even thinking whether it’s good or bad. She also assumes she is gorgeous and loves her evil witch appearance a lot.

As we discuss her abilities, she, like other Magikoopas, has immense magical abilities, but she is way stronger than ordinary Magikoopas. She tries to help Bowser in battles, like, for example, when Mario and Bowser fight in the Palace Of Shadow.

7. Madame Broode:

Do you like rabbits? Do you think they are cute? Well, who doesn’t. I bet everyone likes them. Here comes a rabbit female character in our list, Madame Broode, but don’t compare her to ordinary rabbits because she looks quite ugly and dangerous from that.

Madame Broode is a really huge rabbit in the game Super Mario Odyssey. She is considered to be the boss and the mom of a group called the Broodals. She always fights Mario with her pet, a golden Chain Chomp called Chain Chompikins.

As we describe her looks, she looks very unique compared to other rabbits. Madam has blue hair that curls at the ends. She always wears a dark red dress and hat that looks like what Pauline wears when she sings in the game series. She also wears accessories such as a pearl necklace.

All in all, I would say she looks really dangerous, and if by chance you encounter her in the game, just try to run away from her, because you never know what she will do to you.

6. Petuni:

Here comes another cutest and smallest best female character on our list, Petuni. After Misstar, she is one of the adorable characters in the Mario series.

Petuni is known to be one of the female characters in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is also recognized as the little sister of Punio, and they both are from the Puni tribe.

Petuni lives in a place renowned as The Great Tree, and her unique name is obtained by mixing “Puni” and “petunia” together.

As we further describe her cute appearance, we can say she looks like the other ordinary Punies, but you can tell by her looks whether she is a girl or not because she has soft cute eyelashes on her eyes.

It is said that once upon a time, Mario had saved Petuni, and after that, both Punio and Petuni joined Mario’s team, and they, together with 101 other Punies, helped Mario on his adventure to win the game and battle.

5. Birdo:

After a list of different kinds of cute feminine characters, now it’s time to welcome a female dinosaur character, Birdo, in the Mario series.

Birdo is one of the seasonal characters in the Super Mario franchise. She is like a prehistoric dinosaur with a funnel-shaped mouth that can spit eggs. Yes, you read that right!

She was first introduced in the Japanese game Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, where she was the first boss, an antagonist in the show.

Later, Nintendo of America tried to remake the game as Super Mario Bros., keeping the enemies and bosses the same as always.

As we describe her personality, she has a feminine charm and loves to get attention. She tries to prevent Mario and his allies from getting more fame, glory, and perhaps even love than they desire, according to her. In one episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Birdo mistakes Toad for her son and kidnaps him as if he belongs to her.

At first, there was confusion as to whether Birdo is even an official female character or not, but now she is officially considered a female character, and her transgender status is mostly ignored by Nintendo and others.

4. Princess Peach:

Are you a fan of Princess Peach? I bet most of Mario fans really wish to see Mario with Princess Peach every time. I want to see them together.

Well, if you watched the recent Mario bro Movie, you must be knowing that Princess Peach has been really a charismatic character who is well-versed in her things, super cute, and she can go to any extent to save her kingdom.

I think that is why Bowser loves her so much that every time he sees her, his urge to kidnap her arises.

She mostly wears a lovely pink dress and has a crown like a queen. Her lovely looks and sophisticated personality have won the hearts of all Mario fans throughout the generations.

3. Princess Daisy:

Not satisfied with one princess in the list? Here comes another super cool princess with natural charm, and we are talking about Princess Daisy.

Daisy is lively and one of the strongest characters in the Mario Universe. Some say that she is like a spirited version of Princess Peach and rules a kingdom named Sarasaland.

In games such as Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, Princess Daisy is the best character who is well-versed in playing any sports, and of course, she plays with a lot of competitive spirit.

2. Pauline:

Okay, now it’s time to explore more female characters in the Mario series who are more of a sexy type rather than just cute. Yes, we are talking about one and only the sexiest female character in the Mario series, Pauline.

Pauline was renowned to be the first character who needed help in the old Donkey Kong game, but since then, she has developed a lot as her character. She has become a stronger and independent character with a cool, old-fashioned style, but still, she looks more fashionable than any other female character on the list.

In Super Mario Odyssey, she is given the role of the mayor of New Donk City, and she shows she’s good at leading and solving problems in a big city. Plus, she’s a great singer and wows everyone with her song “Jump Up, Super Star!”

1. Rosalina:

Rosalina is one of the new and beloved female characters in the Mario Universe. She is renowned to be a cosmic princess with an enigmatic background, and she brings unique magic and charm to the games of the Mario world.

She is always seen helping Mario on his space adventures in Super Mario Galaxy, showing her strength and wisdom. She also joins him in adventures in games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., proving she can fight any other characters in the Mario series.

She is one of my favorites and looks really stunning and drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, she is the number one female character in the Mario series.

Wrapping Up:

We have tried our best to bring all the female characters with unique strength and looks to compile in our article. Do let us know your views and your favorite female character from the Mario series. We will be happy to know, and lastly, thanks for reading!