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The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Collection Is A Treasure Trove of Mario Merch



If you’re a collector of all things Super Mario– or even just video game or Nintendo merchandise in general- then I have some awesome news for you. Super Mario was introduced to the world on this day- March 10th– over 35 years ago- back in 1983- and to celebrate the special occasion, Nintendo are teaming up with toy company Toynk to release a whole host of new merchandise and memorabilia for the Nintendo mascot.

The collection involves a huge range of products- including a Super Mario Bros NES Cartridge Flask- coasters, water bottles and air fresheners. Can you guess what scent Princess Peach has? That was a joke. You know full well what scent the Princess Peach air freshener is. Check out the press release for the collection below as well as a whole bunch of images showing off the new merchandise. Make sure to head over to Toynk’s website- linked here– where you can find all the available Super Mario Bros toys and collectibles.

It’s-a Mario Day! Celebrate the New Nintendo Super Mario Bros Collection at

Addison, IL-  03/10/2021

Yahoo! It’s-a Mario Day! Celebrate everyone’s favorite Nintendo character with the new Super Mario Bros Collection at The collection includes officially licensed Nintendo Merchandise from the Super Mario Universe including apparel, accessories, home decor, and more. These Super Mario Bros items are the perfect additions to any video gamers collection. 

Your favorite classic video game now acts as the clever disguise to a functional 5-ounce flask. Crafted from premium quality thick plastic, the Super Mario Bros NES Cartridge Flask is durable and includes a rubber plug to ensure a spill-proof seal. No need to worry about spills when you’re jumping over lava in Bowser’s castle!

It’s time to level-up! The Super Mario Bros. Collectible Power-Ups Magnet Clip Set is straight from the Mushroom Kingdom. The set of three magnetic bag clips are styled to represent a Super Red Mushroom, a Super Star, and a Fire Flower. We all need to keep our snacks fresh! These collectible clips will ensure your favorite video gamer has the freshest of power-up foods when they need them! 

Save the princesses and save your surfaces! Protect your table, desk, counter, and other surfaces using the fun Super Mario Bros. 3D 4-Piece Coaster Set. The adorable Super Mario graphics on these coasters encourage your kids to put their glasses properly in place. The 4-Piece Super Mario Bros coaster set features iconic characters including Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, and Donkey Kong.

Super Star power’s activated! Stay hydrated with the awesome collectible Super Mario Bros 6-Inch Plastic Water Bottle starring everyone’s favorite superhero and equipped with Super Star freezable ice cubes. The clear bottle allows you to see the fun Super Stars as they float around beneath the colorful Super Mario Bros design. This limited edition plastic bottle can be used for all of your on-the-go beverage needs. 

Level up the inside of your vehicle with fun Licensed Nintendo Air Fresheners featuring beloved characters from the Super Mario Series in delicious fruit flavors Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach. Choose from the whole gang or your favorite character Princess Peach, Mario, or Toad. The colorful air fresheners will make you smile as you try to outrun the clock while your running errands. 

The fun never stops when Super Mario is involved! Race over to to purchase your Nintendo Super Mario merchandise today, let’s-a go! 

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