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Soul Hackers 2 Trophy Guide — How To Get The Platinum Trophy

Complete Soul Hackers 2 in its entirety with this trophy guide!



With the release of Soul Hackers 2, the latest JRPG from ATLUS which we called a “mature and philosophical cyberpunk adventure“, comes a brand-new trophy list for completionists to obtain. This guide will cover three categories of trophy: easy trophies that should be obtained in the first playthrough without any additional effort, medium trophies that require one or two steps, and hard trophies that take considerable effort outside of the regular experience of Soul Hackers 2. Be warned that this guide covers every trophy in the game, so it is highly recommended to finish Soul Hackers 2’s story before reading onwards to avoid potential spoilers.

Easy Trophies

Soul Hackers 2 screenshot showing the Cique de Goumaden, where demon fusions are carried out.
Image: ATLUS

Soul Hacked (Bronze) — Hacked Arrow’s soul. Obtained through story progression.

Arrow’s Memories (Bronze) — Neutralized the abnormality in the Soul Matrix. Obtained through story progression.

A Long Farewell (Bronze) — Defeated the threat waiting in the Central Line. Obtained through story progression.

Comeback Gambit (Bronze) — Defeated the threat waiting at Ozaki Hope Towers. Obtained through story progression.

Beyond the Infinite (Gold) — Watched over Ringo and her teammate’s departure. This is the default ending obtained after the final boss is defeated. If, however, you have fulfilled the requirement to get the hidden second ending, instead choose “Let her go” after the final boss to get this trophy.

Moment of Respite (Bronze) — Went to a Hangout Event. There are many of these unlocked throughout Soul Hackers 2, so simply go to Bar Heidrun in Shinsanto and talk to the bartender to see which Hangout Events are available and get this trophy.

Summoners’ Past (Bronze) — Completed 1 Vision Quest for all teammates. This refers to beating Soul Matrix bosses, and since Arrow’s first Soul Matrix boss is mandatory for story progression, this trophy simply requires beating the first Soul Matrix boss for Milady and Saizo. While this is technically optional, it is highly recommended to complete the Soul Matrix levels as soon as they are unlocked for extra XP and completion of Aion Directive side missions.

New Summoner in Town (Bronze) — Completed 3 or more requests/Aion Directives. This is easily doable in the first playthrough as soon as requests and Aion Directives are introduced. Simply go to Club Cretaceous to see which requests are available, or visit the entrance to the Soul Matrix to acquire new Aion Directive quests.

Blade Novice (Bronze) — Knocked down 10 or more enemies on the field. This will likely be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough, as knocking down enemies is a core mechanic taught early in the game. Press square to slice at approaching enemies outside of combat to knock them down and get this trophy.

Blade Master (Silver) — Knocked down 50 or more enemies on the field. As above, this should be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough. Make sure to knock down every enemy before attacking to get an advantage in combat.

Trek Novice (Bronze) — Unlocked 4 or more Portals in dungeons. This should be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough. Walk close to a Portal in a dungeon to unlock its use for fast travel.

Hanging in there, team? (Bronze) — Talked with demonic allies on recon 15 times. Demonic allies appear throughout all dungeons, providing a variety of bonuses such as HP/MP regeneration, items and opportunities for demon negotiation. This should be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough.

Thanks for Everything (Silver) — Talked with demonic allies on recon 70 times. As above, this should be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough so long as you interact with every demonic ally you come across while exploring dungeons.

The Sabbath Begins (Bronze) — Performed a Sabbath. Obtained through story progression.

Witch-Queen of Demons (Bronze) — Performed 100 Sabbaths or more. This should be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough so long as Ringo and her teammates are regularly striking enemy weaknesses.

Superb Command (Bronze) — Used a Commander Skill. Commander Skills are unlocked early in the game but must be bought at COMP Smith, so if you lack the materials to make a purchase, check which enemies drop the materials needed and backtrack to the stated spawn areas to obtain more. Any Commander Skill counts towards this trophy.

Element of Surprise (Bronze) — Performed 10 or more bonus attacks. Bonus attacks have a chance to trigger when attacking an enemy which has been knocked down in the dungeon using Ringo’s sword, so this should be obtained naturally in the first playthrough by knocking down enough enemies prior to fighting them.

Artisan’s Craft (Bronze) — Upgraded a COMP at COMP Smith. This mechanic is introduced fairly early in the game and some of the first upgrades are quite cheap, so this trophy should be easily obtainable in the first playthrough.

Friends in Low Places (Bronze) — Received a gift from a demonic ally. Marked by a red gem icon next to the demon’s name and image in the menu, gifts are obtained from demons once all of their skills are obtained through levelling up. This trophy will likely be obtained naturally in the first playthrough.

A Profane Performance (Bronze) — Performed a Normal Fusion. This is obtainable as soon as the Cirque de Goumaden is unlocked, and only requires performing any regular fusion of two demons.

A Mythological Marvel (Bronze) — Performed a Special Fusion. These demons exist in a separate category in the Cirque de Goumaden, unlocked by fusing specific demons. The lowest level Special Fusion demon is Take-Minakata, unlocked after defeating the first Soul Matrix boss in Arrow Sector 1F, and requires Koropokkur, Hare of Inaba and Onmoraki to fuse.

First Meal (Bronze) — Experienced a meal. This mechanic is introduced fairly early in Soul Hackers 2, and meals are occasionally given to Ringo for free by teammates. Use the Meals option at the safehouse and select any meal to obtain this trophy.

Medium Trophies

SH2 screenshot showing Bar Heidrun, where protagonist Ringo can drink with her teammates.
Image: ATLUS

Paradise Lost (Gold) — Watched over the dawn of a new era for Aion and humanity. This is the hidden second ending, and though there is conflicting information online regarding how to access this ending, the key appears to be completing the fourth Soul Matrix level of all three party members. This requires 100 Soul Level with all party members, which can be achieved in the first playthrough but the margin for error is small. Make sure to unlock as many hangout events as possible to raise Soul Level, and always agree with the character with the lowest Soul Level in major story decisions so the points are spread out evenly. Finally, pick the “Reach out to her” option after the final boss to get this trophy.

A Toast to Us (Bronze) — Went to over 40 Hangout Events. This can be unlocked naturally in the first playthrough so long as many of Soul Hackers 2’s side quests are completed, which can unlock new Hangout Events where characters discuss what happened. Visit Bar Heidrun frequently whenever the game notifies that new Hangout Events are available and there should be no issues getting this trophy by the end of the playthrough.

Past and Present Entwined (Bronze) — Completed 4F of someone’s Soul Matrix. This requires 100 Soul Level with any of the three party members and the completion of their respective three previous Soul Matrix floors. The 4F bosses are fairly tough, but if fought near the end of the game they shouldn’t be too much trouble. Only one is required to get this trophy.

Trek Master (Silver) — Unlocked 70 or more Portals in dungeons. This accounts for the vast majority of Portals in the game, so fully exploring the Soul Matrix is key, as well as exploring thoroughly in story dungeons.

Walpurgisnacht (Bronze) — Performed a Sabbath with a Stack of 10 or more. This is very difficult early in the game, but as the Soul Matrix begins expanding and more teammate abilities are unlocked, higher Stack counts become much more common. Make sure each teammate has the corresponding elemental attacks that can grant them extra Stacks in the late game (Electricity for Ringo, Ice for Arrow, Fire for Milady and Force for Saizo).

Destroyer (Bronze) — Dealt over 1,000 damage to an enemy in a single hit. There are two ways to do this: Fight enemies of a much lower level than all party members to inflate damage numbers, or optimise party members in the late game using powerful COMP upgrades and accessories to deal devastating amounts of damage that often exceed 1,000.

One Fell Swoop (Bronze) — Eliminated 4 enemies or more in a single attack. Fighting low-level enemies and using powerful attacks that target all enemies at once is perhaps the easiest way to obtain this trophy. It can be obtained naturally in the first playthrough if you come across a group of enemies sharing the same weakness.

Calculated (Bronze) — Defeated an enemy via repelled damage. Some demons naturally repel certain damage types (indicated by the icon of an arrow bouncing off a wall), but if this struggles to get results, using Tetrakarn or Makarakarn should be more effective.

Giantkiller (Bronze) — Achieved victory over a Risky Enemy. Risky Enemies scale with player level, so this trophy is best tackled either as early as possible or at the end of the playthrough when the party is much better prepared. If this is too difficult, check Karakucho for any meals that help against Risky Enemies specifically, with more becoming available as the game progresses.

Bounty Hunter (Bronze) — Achieved victory over a Rare Enemy. These enemies are bright yellow and therefore easy to spot in any dungeon, but their spawn rate is quite low. Additionally, they run away quite quickly in battle and have high evasion, so using skills such as Sukukaja and Sukunda can be highly effective. Defeating a Rare Enemy gives special items that can be sold for large amounts of money.

Just Set it with the Rest (Bronze) — Received 30 or more gifts from demonic allies. Due to the limited demon stock, the key to obtaining this trophy is to wait until a demon gives its first gift (marked by the red gem icon) and then fuse it into a new demon, repeating this process throughout the game until the trophy is unlocked.

A Mitama Masquerade (Bronze) — Performed a Mitama Fusion. To fuse one of the four Mitama (Ara Mitama, Nigi Mitama, Kushi Mitama and Saki Mitama), you must first complete various Aion Directives. Fusion of Saki Mitama, for example, requires completion of “Retrieve Chain Crystaloid Gamma” which is the level 36 collection request for Arrow Sector 3F. Once the Mitama fusions are unlocked, they can be fused by combining multiple Frost demons, such as Melon Frost, Lemon Frost, B Hawaii Frost, Strawberry Frost and Milk-kin Frost. Once one of the Mitama has been fused, it can be fused with any other demon to strengthen it.

Business is Booming (Bronze) — Performed 30 or more fusions. This requires visiting Cirque de Goumaden regularly and fusing demons using any method. This should be unlocked naturally towards the end of the first playthrough.

The Invisible Hand (Bronze) — Spent over 2,000,000 yen on shopping, COMP upgrades, fusion, and Compendium costs. This will be obtained naturally in a completionist playthrough since COMP upgrades and Compendium costs are extremely high in the late game. Lots of money is awarded in the third act of the story so this trophy shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain.

It’s great to have a body! (Silver) — Experienced 30 or more different meals. There are over 30 meals in total, so buying one of every meal you come across as they become available and eating them regularly is the key to success here. Meals that have never been eaten will have question marks over all the teammate icons in the menu, as none of their preferences are yet known, so eating 30 different meals is more time-consuming than it is challenging. Entering and exiting a dungeon resets the meal effect if you want obtain this trophy as quickly as possible.

Brimming with Curiosity (Bronze) — Chatted with pedestrians in the city 50 times or more. There are plenty of pedestrian NPCs in Shinsanto and Karakucho, so talking to all of them on a regular basis is an easy way to obtain this trophy.

Hard Trophies

Soul Hackers 2 screenshoting showing a Pixie with Megidolaon, one of the hardest trophies to obtain.
Image: ATLUS

Soul Hackers 2 (Platinum) — Obtained all trophies, and completed Soul Hackers 2 in its entirety.

Soul Matrix Transcension (Silver) — Completed 5F of someone’s Soul Matrix. This is only obtainable in New Game Plus, as all of the Soul Level rewards are doubled in the second playthrough. Reaching the 5F boss of a party member requires 200 Soul Level with that person, and the bosses are around level 70 so some level grinding may be required before taking on these deadly foes. The best way to level up quickly is to defeat high level Risky Enemies in dungeons, and if this proves too difficult there are multiple meals such as the Varja Sara Udon purchasable in Karakucho which can greatly help in Risky Enemy fights.

Legendary Summoner (Silver) — Completed 85 or more requests/Aion Directives. This covers almost every single request and Aion Directive in Soul Hackers 2, including 5F Soul Matrix Aion Directives which are only feasibly obtainable in New Game Plus. Individual missions tend to not be too difficult, but completing 85 of them requires a dedication to completionism. Completing all Aion Directives as the Soul Matrix expands throughout the game is a good way to complete large numbers of side quests, though some of the optional boss fight quests are very hard when they are first unlocked. The high-level New Game Plus exclusive quests also count towards this total.

Battle-Scarred Commander (Silver) — Used all Commander Skills. This can only be obtained late in the game, and also requires a lot of money and materials to purchase the most powerful Commander Skills. Some of these skills are also randomly activated, so you must simply fight enough battles to have activated them at least once. The full list of Commander Skills is as follows: Stack Optimization, Conversion, Auto-Repair, MP Optimization, Damage Condenser, Master Conversion, Turn Extension, Shield Deployment, Ailment Purge, Reboot, Overclock. One of the toughest skills on this list to activate is Reboot, as it has a chance to activate when two or more, but not all, teammates are at 0 HP. Fighting Risky Enemies and bosses may help in this case.

Hardcore Hacker (Silver) — Won the final battle on HARD difficulty or higher. Difficulty can be changed at any time, and this trophy can be acquired simply by changing the difficulty to HARD right before the final encounter at the end of the Bone Area in the 24th Ward Municipal Tower. The final boss is quite tricky on HARD mode, but an easy way to get this trophy if you are committed to completionism is to wait until after most of the demon compendium grinding is finished, since by that point the party is a very high level and well-equipped to cope with the harder difficulty setting. Both forms of the final boss must be defeated on HARD mode for this trophy to be acquired.

Tara’s Magnum Opus (Silver) — Performed 150 or more COMP Upgrades at COMP Smith. This accounts for almost all COMP upgrades for all party members, therefore requiring a substantial amount of money and resources. Battling Risky Enemies in the late game is an excellent source of money, as is defeating high level Rare Enemies, and by this point you should have access to the ability to select specific demons in the Enemies menu and target them to more easily find specific materials in dungeons. The best way to get all the materials is to carry over all data into New Game Plus and defeat every enemy you come across with ease to collect anything that may have been missed the first time around.

It Had to be You (Bronze) — Created a Pixie with Megidolaon. This is a tricky process, with the first obstacle being finding a demon which has the Megidolaon skill in the first place. Such demons can begin to be found after level 70, but these cannot be used to fuse Pixie, as Pixie can only be fused using Frosts and Mitama. Another obstacle is the lack of transparency regarding which demons can inherit which skills, so some experimenting is required to find out which Frosts and Mitama can learn Almighty skills and thus inherit Megidolaon. The method I used to get this trophy involves fusing Milk-kin Frost using Sandalphon and Sraosha (one of the lower level Megidolaon demons but locked behind a Soul Matrix 5F boss), then fusing Nigi Mitama using Milk-kin Frost and Melon Frost, before finally fusing Nigi Mitama with Pixie to allow Pixie to inherit the Megidolaon skill. It can be done in other ways but this is one strategy that definitely works.

Compendium Completionist (Gold) — Filled the Demon Compendium’s registry to 100% completion. Three things are required for this trophy: Ringo must be level 95, all Soul Matrix bosses including 5F bosses must be defeated, and all requests and Aion Directives that reward fusion recipes must be completed also. Having over 10 million yen for late-game fusions will also help a great deal. The level grinding is the most time consuming part of this process, and the fastest way to do it is to stockpile any meal that increases Risky Enemy spawn rate such as the Varja Sara Udon purchasable at the food kiosk in Karakucho, before heading into any dungeon and exclusively fighting Risky Enemies for high XP and money rewards. Risky Enemies scale with player level and are extremely dangerous at high levels, but optimising teammates to excel at their respective elemental attacks can lead to a very high damage output and frequently using Shield Deployment will protect against high level enemies. The “Use Compendium Demons” option in the fusion menu is vital to seeing which demons have not been fused, as this shows all possible fusions from every demon in the registry.

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