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Bethesda Teases Progress on The Elder Scrolls 6 Development



Bethesda Teases Progress on The Elder Scrolls 6 Development

Bethesda Softworks is working on The Elder Scrolls 6, marking the next big chapter in the beloved video game series. With excitement building, the team behind the game recently shared insights into the early stages of development, including playing through initial builds. This progress comes as the Elder Scrolls series celebrates its 30th anniversary, demonstrating Bethesda’s long-term commitment to creating expansive, immersive worlds.

The game, announced in 2018, is still in the early development phase, but the team’s experience with these early versions promises the same level of adventure and joy that fans have come to expect from the franchise. The anticipation for The Elder Scrolls 6 is high, as it follows the wildly successful Skyrim, which has left players yearning for another epic journey through the lands of Tamriel.

As Bethesda navigates the development of this massive undertaking, they have not yet released a specific launch date for The Elder Scrolls 6. However, speculation suggests a potential release around early 2026, indicating that fans might have to be patient for longer.

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Despite the wait, Bethesda’s dedication to delivering the ultimate fantasy-world experience remains clear, aiming to build upon the series’ legacy of rich storytelling and expansive gameplay. The Elder Scrolls 6 is set to be an ambitious project, continuing the series’ tradition of setting the bar high for role-playing games.