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It Takes Two Hits 16 Million Sales Milestone



It Takes Two Hits 16 Million Sales Milestone

Hazelight Studios hit a huge milestone with its game, It Takes Two, reaching 16 million sales worldwide. The news came out as the game celebrated its third year since launch. Fans and new players keep flocking to this adventure, making it a massive success. Over 30 million people have now played the game, thanks to its inviting co-op design.

It Takes Two tells the story of Cody and May, a couple turned into dolls by magic. They face a wild journey filled with challenges that test their relationship. Players love its unique puzzles and the teamwork it demands. Critics also praise the game for its engaging co-op gameplay.

Available on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, It Takes Two continues to draw players with its heartwarming story and inventive play. Hazelight has announced plans to bring the game to TV and film, promising more exciting developments.

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This game proves that inventive storytelling and cooperative play can create a memorable experience. It stands as a testament to Hazelight Studios’ creativity and dedication, celebrating love, collaboration, and the joy of playing together.

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