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Starfield Team Beat Big Hurdle to Finish Game’s Final Quest



Starfield Team Beat Big Hurdle to Finish Game's Final Quest

In the final stages of developing Starfield, the team faced a significant challenge. Will Shen, the lead quest designer, highlighted that the game was missing a crucial final location to bring the narrative to a satisfying conclusion. Amid the tight schedule, with the quest design team already stretched thin, Shen had to innovate swiftly to avoid delaying the game’s release. The solution came from senior-level designer Steve Cornett, who suggested “dimension hopping.” This concept allowed players to revisit key locations from earlier in the game, saving the team time and ensuring a compelling final quest.

Furthermore, the development of Starfield was complicated by the massive size of the team across Bethesda Game Studios and its partners. Shen and Daryl Brigner, a former Fallout 76 lead-level designer, noted that managing such a large team introduced issues in communication and coordination. The “silo effect,” as Shen described, hampered collaboration as departments competed for resources. Every detail, no matter how small, required approval, illustrating the logistical challenges faced by the team.

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Despite these hurdles, the innovative approach to the final quest and the dedication of the developers helped Starfield overcome its late-stage development challenges. This experience underscores the complexities of game development, especially for large-scale projects, and the creative solutions teams employ to deliver satisfying gaming experiences to players.