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Remedy Entertainment Faced 22% Revenue Dip in 2023



Remedy Entertainment Faces 22% Revenue Dip in 2023

In 2023, Remedy Entertainment saw its revenue fall by 22% to €33.9 million from €43.6 million. The Finnish game developer, known for hits like Alan Wake and Control, faced this challenge despite Alan Wake 2’s success. The game sold over 1 million units, becoming Remedy’s fastest-selling title. Yet, the company reported a €28.6 million operating loss. It made hefty investments in game development and took a hit from an impairment charge for a game named Vanguard. These factors drove the downturn.

2023 proved tough for Remedy due to heavy investments in future games like Control 2 and the multiplayer Kestrel. These moves, targeting long-term growth, hurt their short-term finances. CEO Tero Virtala stressed the value of these investments. He noted Alan Wake 2 has made back a significant portion of its development costs.

Remedy looks forward to its upcoming games, including Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes, with budgets like that of Alan Wake 2. The company plans to push these projects into their next development phases in 2024. Remedy aims to elevate its franchises to well-known brands. They seek to achieve steady growth in their user base and frequent releases of sequels.

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Despite the financial setbacks in 2023, Remedy expects its revenue and profitability to improve in 2024, depending on its decisions regarding self-publishing and potential new publishing partnerships for its games. The company’s strategy is focused on leveraging its Remedy Connected Universe, comprising Alan Wake and Control, to build a stronger, more profitable future.