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Xbox Updates Rewards Program with New Hub



Xbox Updates Rewards Program with New Hub

Microsoft has announced significant changes to its Xbox Rewards program, including the discontinuation of the Xbox Rewards app in April 2024, aiming for a more streamlined rewards experience. Users will no longer be able to earn points through the app starting April 15, 2024, marking the end of weekly streaks. This move is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to recalibrate and simplify the Microsoft Rewards program, with an emphasis on a new Rewards hub that will serve as the primary platform for earning points.

The new Rewards hub will offer a Weekly Bonus that rewards players for engaging with games of their choice several times per week, alongside other activities that can earn points, such as playing games on Xbox and PC, purchasing items from the Microsoft Store, searching on Bing, taking advantage of special offers, visiting the Microsoft Rewards web dashboard, and completing daily achievements and Xbox Game Pass Quests.

Some players might get fewer points at first with these changes. But Microsoft plans to fine-tune the system. They will try new ways to earn and spend points to make gaming more fun. Bringing everything into one place should make it easier for players to track goals, get points, and use them.

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This shift reflects Microsoft’s commitment to evolving its rewards program to serve better and engage its community, promising a more integrated and rewarding experience for Xbox users moving forward.

Xbox Updates Rewards Program with New Hub