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Overwatch 2 Makes Heroes Free, No Battle Pass Grind Required



Overwatch 2 Makes Heroes Free, No Battle Pass Grind Required

Blizzard Entertainment introduces a significant update to Overwatch 2, enhancing the gaming experience for its community. Starting with Season 10, players will no longer need to unlock new heroes through the Battle Pass. This change allows immediate access to new characters at the season’s start, a move that is especially exciting with the introduction of a new hero.

For newcomers to Overwatch 2, the initial missions to unlock heroes remain a prerequisite. However, from Season 10 onwards, all players, regardless of whether they have purchased a Premium Battle Pass, will gain instant access to the new hero. This character boasts unique abilities, including burrowing into the ground for movement and emerging to deal increased damage.

In addition to this Battle Pass overhaul, Blizzard is launching a new Mythic Shop in Overwatch 2. This shop features both new and seasonal Mythic Skins, which players can unlock by leveling up their Battle Pass. The system allows for flexible point distribution, meaning players can choose which skin variants to unlock without needing to acquire all of them. Notably, new Mythic Skins will only enter the shop two years after their debut, making skins from Seasons 1 to 7 available at the shop’s launch.

The Battle Pass will also offer more coins than before, increasing from 540 to 600 coins per season. Weekly challenges have been adjusted to provide Battle Pass experience points and are now more adaptable to individual play styles, making them easier to complete.

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Furthermore, Overwatch 2 will introduce “Clash,” a new mode with two new maps, later this year. Season 10 will host a test phase for this mode, and Season 11 will unveil a new Push map, Runasapi, immersing players in the world of Illari and the Inti warriors.

This update marks a pivotal shift in Overwatch 2’s approach to player engagement and content accessibility, promising a more inclusive and rewarding experience for its community.