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Blizzard Are Releasing a Fifteen Inch Tall Arthas Helm of Domination Replica



One of the top tier video game companies Blizzard are soon going to be celebrating their thirty year anniversary- which is pretty amazing when you think about how much they have managed to achieve in this time. World of Warcraft is what started it all for Blizzard and so it makes sense for the company to release some super cool Warcraft themed merchandise (as well as a ton of other cool content for the anniversary celebration.)

The merch in question is a huge fifteen inch tall replica of one of the most powerful artefacts that can be found within the World of Warcraft game: the Arthas Helm of Domination. This replica- a Blizzard exclusive coming to the Blizzard store- is so awesome and is sure to make a rather imposing statement on your mantelpiece. I can guarantee that it is sure to catch some eyes next time you have dinner guests.

Check out the official Blizzard press release for the Arthas Helm of Domination replica below and for more information on what else is coming for the thirtieth anniversary of Blizzard in February- including content for Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft and Diablo IIIhave a look at Blizzards website here.

Blizzard Entertainment’s 30th anniversary is just around the corner, and as part of the big celebration, Blizzard today unveiled an epic new World of Warcraft collectible for fans — the Arthas Helm of Domination Blizzard Exclusive Replica!

At over fifteen inches in height (nearly seventeen inches in stand), the Arthas Helm of Domination Blizzard Exclusive Replica brings to life one of Warcraft’s most powerful artifacts. Forged according to the Jailer’s will, the Helm of Domination was to be the vessel of Death’s influence on Azeroth. The Nathrezim imprisoned the spirit of the orc chieftain Ner’zhul within the helm, granting him command over a vast army of undead Scourge. The fallen Prince Arthas Menethil freed the Helm from the Frozen Throne, donning it to take up the mantle of the Lich King.

The Arthas Helm of Domination Blizzard Exclusive Replica will be available exclusively on the Blizzard Gear Store starting February 19 @ 3 PM PT during BlizzConline. For more information on BlizzConline and Blizzard’s 30th anniversary, please visit here.

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