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Overwatch Teams Up With Mitchell and Ness for An Overwatch League Collection



Mitchell and Ness are known for their traditional sports clothing but now they are broadening their horizons to include e-sports in their fashion line up with a collaboration with video game giants Blizzard. Blizzard and Mitchell and Ness are bringing out a line of Overwatch League themed apparel in order to celebrate the upcoming Overwatch League e-sports event starting up once again.

The Overwatch League is the professional e-sports league for Blizzards multiplayer FPS game and the new season begins today- April 16th– and takes place over the weekend until the 18th. As with most North American e-sports leagues, the Overwatch League follows the standard model of having teams based on various cities around the world. The Overwatch League includes teams such as New York Excelsior, Paris Eternal, London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty.  These teams are what the Mitchell and Ness apparel are based on and there is a collection piece available for each team so that you can display your love for your favourite Overwatch League teams in style!

The collection is made up of t-shirts- available for each team as well as a few for specific, well known members of certain teams- and two toned baseball caps (also available for each team). The collection is on sale now over on Mitchell and Ness’s official website so check them out at the link here.

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