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Former Blizzard President Suggests Tipping Option for Game Devs



Mike Ybarra, the former president of Blizzard, has sparked conversation with his idea that players should be able to tip developers after completing a game. Ybarra shared this thought on Twitter, suggesting that for games which provide exceptional value, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Elden Ring, he would personally pay an extra $10 to $20 over the initial purchase price.

The concept has drawn mixed reactions. Some gamers express concern over the existing $70 price tag of many games, fearing that developers might not actually receive these tips due to potential mismanagement by publishers. This concern echoes past instances in other industries where companies have misappropriated tips meant for workers.

Critics also worry about further normalizing the tipping culture in contexts where employees should instead be fairly compensated by their employers. Despite the debate, Ybarra believes his proposal is different from traditional tipping scenarios, which often carry a social obligation to tip.

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The idea is unlikely to become a mainstream practice, but Ybarra’s comments highlight the ongoing discussions about the value of digital entertainment and the best ways to reward creators. Supporters of game developers can still show their appreciation through purchases of post-game downloadable content (DLC), which also signals interest in future expansions or sequels.