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Persona 1 and 2 Set for Anticipated Remakes, Leaker Reveals



Persona 1 and 2 Set for Anticipated Remakes, Leaker Reveals

Exciting news for fans of the Persona series as rumors swirl about potential remakes for Persona 1 and Persona 2. According to reliable leaker Midori, known for her accurate leaks on Atlus games, these classic titles might be revived in what she refers to as an “updated form.”

Midori’s track record includes correct predictions about various Sega and Atlus projects, like Persona 3 Reload, which also suggests a promising outlook for this rumor. While specifics are scant, the notion of remakes has stirred anticipation among the gaming community.

The conversation started when Midori responded to a fan’s query on X/Twitter, confirming that both games are set to receive some form of makeover. However, she cautiously termed these updates as “updated form” rather than full-on remakes, tempering expectations but still providing a glimmer of hope to eager fans.

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In related news, Midori also hinted that Persona 6 is in the pipeline, suggesting that its color theme will be green, sparking further excitement about the future of the series. As we await further details, fans can enjoy Persona 4 Golden on current-gen consoles, maintaining the series’ momentum as anticipation builds for these nostalgic remakes.