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Black Panther Game to be Open World, EA Job Ad Suggests



Black Panther Game to be Open World, EA Job Ad Suggests

Exciting news for Marvel fans: EA is developing an open world Black Panther game. The project, hinted at in a recent job listing for a Principal Sandbox Designer at Cliffhanger Games, promises an expansive and interactive experience. The game will allow players to explore the rich landscape and culture of Wakanda.

This news was first teased last summer when EA revealed they were working on a Black Panther game at their newly established studio. However, details were scarce until now. The job listing detailed tasks such as creating dynamic gameplay mechanics and immersive sandbox experiences, confirming the open-world format.

Black Panther Game to be Open World, EA Job Ad Suggests

Kevin Stephens, head of Cliffhanger Games, expressed commitment to delivering an authentic Black Panther adventure. He emphasized the goal of providing players with unprecedented control over the storyline, allowing them to dive deep into the world of Wakanda.

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Currently, no release date is available, and given the ongoing recruitment for key roles, it seems the game might be a few years out. EA and Marvel Games are also developing other titles, including games centered around Blade, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the 1943 Marvel saga.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore Wakanda in what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the Marvel gaming universe.

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