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EA Sports F1 24 Announced with Exciting New Features



EA Sports F1 24 Announced with Exciting New Features

EA Sports has officially unveiled F1 24, the latest installment in its acclaimed racing game series. The game will hit shelves on May 31 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

The new title promises a slew of fresh features, including a revamped career mode where players can either join as one of the 20 drivers from the 2024 F1 season or start a career with a friend, each receiving unique objectives.

For the first time, the beloved career mode allows playing as one of the 20 racers from the upcoming season or embarking on a journey with a friend in co-op mode. This edition also introduces EA Sports Dynamic Handling, enhancing the driving experience with improved realism in car handling, thanks to input from Max Verstappen, who served as a consultant.

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Other innovations include a Challenge Career, where players engage in mini-seasons before tackling the full 24-race season, and the return of F1 World, a hub for multiplayer and new Fanzone features, where fans support their favorite teams and compete in collective challenges.

The game will also see the return of My Team mode with new icons like James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya, available exclusively in the Champions Edition.

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