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Cities Skylines 2 Makes DLC Free Amid Backlash and Delays Future Expansions



Cities Skylines 2 Makes DLC Free Amid Backlash and Delays Future Expansions

Cities Skylines 2 developers have faced backlash after the recent release of the Beach Properties DLC, which was met with widespread disappointment for its lack of content and value. As a result, the developers, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order, are now making the DLC free and refunding those who purchased it.

The backlash has prompted the developers to halt future paid DLCs and focus on fixing the base game, which has also been criticized since its launch. Paradox Interactive issued a heartfelt apology, acknowledging the rushed DLC did not meet the expected standards. They promised additional free content and more transparent communication with their community going forward.

As part of their corrective measures, Paradox will compensate Ultimate Edition buyers with new content worth around $39.99, although they are unable to offer partial refunds due to logistical issues with various purchasing platforms.

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In addition to making the Beach Properties DLC free, the developers have postponed their next expansion, Bridges and Ports, until 2025 to prioritize game improvements. They are also engaging with the game’s community to discuss future developments and maintain transparency.

The console versions of the game, which were expected this year, are now delayed to ensure the game reaches the required level of optimization. The developers remain committed to making Cities Skylines 2 a superior city builder, despite the setbacks.

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