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Prison Architect 2 Faces Further Delays, Now Set for September Launch



Prison Architect 2 Faces Further Delays, Now Set for September Launch

Fans eagerly awaiting the launch of Prison Architect 2 will have to hold on a bit longer, as the release has been pushed to September 3. Paradox Interactive announced the delay, citing significant memory usage issues that need resolution to ensure the game operates smoothly on all platforms.

The game, a sequel to the popular management sim, was initially set for a March release and then moved to May. Despite the development team’s efforts, further tests on various hardware configurations revealed excessive crashes, particularly on lower-spec systems. These stability concerns have led Paradox to delay the release to enhance the gaming experience for all users.

Paradox Interactive has expressed its commitment to delivering a high-quality game without compromising on the standards set by its predecessor. The delay will allow the team to address these technical issues and conduct more in-depth testing to meet the mean time between failure targets expected for such a title.

Console gamers affected by the delay can expect automatic refunds as per platform policies, while Steam users can request refunds through customer support.

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Prison Architect 2 is redesigned from scratch, featuring a new 3D environment that allows building across multiple floors. The game also introduces a connection system influencing inmates’ interactions, which will add depth to the gameplay.

Despite the setback, Paradox Interactive promises to keep the community involved through additional streams and developer diaries as they work towards the new release date.