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YouTuber Recreates Various Comedy Skits With Persona 5 Characters



When it comes to animations, there are so many impressive fan-made ones out there. Some can be touching, some can be exciting and some can be side splittingly hilarious. Of course, it’s all a matter of ones sense of humour but I’m pretty sure that no matter what your comedy style might be, there’s sure to be at least one video amongst the ones I’m discussing today will tickle your fancy. Maybe. If not, you should probably play more video games.

YouTuber Harry Type-C is well known for their animations involving Persona 5 characters. In the videos, Harry Type-C will take various comedy skits from all over- ranging from parody adverts to television show comedy skits to YouTube videos- and reanimate them using 3-D character models for the likes of Joker, Ryuji, Ann and more characters from the Persona 5 game (and some with other characters from the Persona series). The skits are always perfectly chosen and oddly reflect the characters well, such as using Akechi in the “kitchen gun” parody advert or having Anne and Ryuji re-enacting the “Clear History” sketch from the Key & Peele show.  Not only that, but they are also really well animated, with character expressions and reactions being completely on point every single time.

One of my personal favourites of Harry Type C’s videos include “Malk”- a recreation of Julian Smith’s “Malk” skit- because of Futaba’s hilariously deep voice and how I can imagine the group of friends actually having this discussion. I’m also a fan of the recreation of the “I Want it That Way” skit from Brooklyn 99. Who doesn’t love that moment though? Make sure to check out Harry Type C’s channel here and have a look at the aforementioned “I Want it That Way” Persona 5 animation recreation below.

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